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Our History
Chester County Medical Society Past Presidents

Year    President

1828    Dr. William Darlington
1829    Dr. William Darlington
1830    Dr. William Darlington
1831–1847    [No one recorded as President; simply says “The President in the chair.”]
1848    Dr. William Darlington
1849    Dr. William Darlington
1850    Dr. William Darlington
1851    Dr. William Darlington
​​1852    Dr. Isaac Thomas [Dr. Darlington resigned as a member, which was accepted and ordered to be filed. On motion of Dr. Brinton, the thanks of the Society were tendered to Dr. Darlington for the able and impartial manner in which he has discharged the duties of the Society. On motion of Dr. Rivinus, Dr. Darlington was enrolled as an honorary member of the Society.]
1853    Dr. W. Worthington
1854    Dr. S. B. Brinton
1855    Dr. S. A. Ozier
1856    Dr. John P. Edge
1857    Dr. Alex K. Gaston
1858    Dr. Andrews Murpley
​1859    Dr. Caleb Swayne, Jr.
1860    Jacob Price
1861    Dr. W.W. Townsend
1862    Dr. J. Brooks
1863    Dr. Isaac Thomas [Memorial presented on the death of Dr. Darlington, died 4/25/1863. Also a memorial for Dr. Jacob Sharpless.]
1864    Dr. Joseph L. Oliver
1865    Dr. S. Stebbins [Memorial adopted on death of the late president, Abraham Lincoln; also for Dr. Oliver.]
1866    Dr. A. S. Marshall
1867    Dr. William Malany
1868    Dr. W. W. Townsend
1869    Dr. Benjamin Thompson
1870    Dr. John P. Edge
1871    Dr. Benjamin Thompson
1872    Dr. Morris Fussell
1873    Dr. James Fulton [Memorial for Dr. Worthington, president of the Society in 1853.]
1874    Dr. J. H. B. Moore
1875    Dr. Sumner Stebbins
1876    Dr. W. R. Blakeslee
1877    Dr. R. B. Casey
1878    Dr. Isaac Massey
1879    Dr. J. D. Henderson
1880    Dr. E. V. Swing
1881    Dr. George R. Spratt
1882    Dr. Ephraim Hopkins
​1883    Dr. William B. Brinton (died 3/7/1883) Dr. J. R. McClurg finished term
​​​​​​Year    President
1884    Dr. R. B. Carey
1885    Dr. Thomas D. Ingram
1886    Dr. E. V. Swing
1887    Dr. Perdue
1888    Dr. James Fulton
1889    Dr. Thomas D. Dunn
1890    Dr. J. K. Evans
1891    Dr. R. B. Ewing
1892    Dr. W. T. Sharpless
1893    Dr. E. J. Roberts
1894    Dr. J. H. Stubbs
1895    Dr. U. G. Gifford
1896    Dr. E. C. Howell
1897    Dr. Benjamin Thompson
1898    Dr. Ida Virginia Reel
1899    Dr. Jacob Price
1900    Dr. Edward Kerr
1901    Dr. Edward Patrick
​1902    Dr. J. C. Miller
1903    Dr. Joseph Scattergood, Sr.
1904    Dr. R. B. Carey
1905    Dr. George R. Spratt
1906    Dr. C. S. Kurtz
1907    Dr. C. E. Woodward
1908    Dr. S. H. Scott
1909    Dr. H. A. Rothrock
1910    Dr. Joseph Hemphill
1911    Dr. A. W. Baugh
1912    Dr. J. A. Farrell
1913    Dr. H. Y. Pennell
1914    Dr. C. C. Bullock
1915    Dr. T. G. Aiken
1916    Dr. C. E. Stone, Sr.
1917    Dr. P. C. Hoskins
1918    Dr. P. C. Hoskins
1919    Dr. Jackson Taylor
1920    Dr. W. Wellington Woodward
1921    Dr. Willis N. Smith
1922    Dr. William W. Betts
1923    Dr. D. E. Hutchinson [died before induction]
1923    Dr. Henry Pleasants, Jr.
1924    Dr. James B. Taylor
1925    Dr. Frank H. Wells
1926    Dr. Howard Mellor
1927    Dr. U. Grant Gifford
1928    Dr. U. Grant Gifford [100th anniversary of Society was held 5/28/1928, in New Century Club House; 300 guests were present.]
1929    Dr. Michael Margolies
1930    Dr. Michael Margolies
1931    Dr. Harry A. Rothrock
1932    Dr. Herbert S. McKinstry
1933    Dr. Robert C. Hughes
1934    Dr. Howard B. F. Davis
1935    Dr. J. Ashbridge Perkins
1936    Dr. Charles J. Brower
1937    Dr. I. P. P. Hollingsworth​
​1938    Dr. Oscar J. Klevan
1939    Dr. George E. Dietrich
1940    Dr. Frank B. Robinson
1941    Dr. Robert T. Devereux
1942    Dr. Harry T. Smith
1943    Dr. S. LeRoy Barber
Year    President
1944    Dr. Thomas Parke
1945    Dr. Guy T. Holcombe
1946    Dr. H. Bailey Chalfant
1947    Dr. Kenneth S. Scott
1948    Dr. William A. Limberger
1949    Dr. Alfred L. Chicote
1950    Dr. Julius Margolis
1951    Dr. George W. Truitt
1952    Dr. Horace F. Darlington
1953    Dr. Robert E. Brant
1954    Dr. Arthur Hecker [elected, then transferred to Friends Hospital]
Dr. James E. Walmsley served this term.
1955    Dr. Harlan H. Sharp
1956    Dr. Carroll R. McClure
1957    Dr. Louis S. Bringhurst
1958    Dr. Whittier C. Atkinson
1959    Dr. C. Fremont Hall
1960    Dr. Joseph A. Mira, Sr.
1961    Dr. A. Eaton Roberts
1962    Dr. Robert N. Byrne
1963    Dr. M. Price Margolies
1964    Dr. Ralph R. Cherashore
1965    Dr. Andrew J. Lotz
1966    Dr. Scott Barr Lewis
1967    Dr. Grant W. Bamberger
1968    Dr. William F. Beyer
1969    Dr. John A Bellis
1970    Dr. Michael Dooley
1971    Dr. Irving M. Waggoner
1972    Dr. Stephen M. Hanson
1973    Dr. Robert Poole, III
1974    Dr. Erwin R. Zeller
1975    Dr. Nicholas Viek
1976    Dr. Richard H. Smith
1977    Dr. John B. Coates, Jr.
1978    Dr. Thomas S. Johnston
1979    Dr. Thomas S. Johnston
1980    Dr. Peter C. Patukas
1981    Dr. Nelson P. Aspen
1982    Dr. Norman A. Goldstein
1983    Dr. Norman A. Goldstein
1984    Dr. Norman A. Goldstein
1985    Dr. Richard C. Uhlman
1986    Dr. Richard C. Uhlman
1987    Dr. William S. Lovrinic
1988    Dr. William S. Lovrinic
1989    Dr. Mary B. Allan
1990    Dr. Gary J. Levin
1991    Dr. Gary J. Levin
1992    Dr. F. William Maguire
1993    Dr. F. William Maguire
1994    Dr. Robert Yoxtheimer
1996    Dr. George Trajtenberg
1998    Dr. William Lovrinic
2000    Dr. Rodger F. Rothenberger
2002    Dr. Fred R. Himmelstein
2006    Dr. Dianne Hotmer
2008    Dr. Ruth Holland
2010    Dr. Mian A. Jan
2013    Dr. Winslow W. Murdoch​
​2016   Mian A. Jan, MD, FACC 

2019   Dr. Bruce Colley

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