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Ukrainian Resources from Trusted Physicians

Even something small helps …

"Anyone who thinks they are too small to make a difference 
has never spent the night with a mosquito"

The war in Ukraine is distressing, with tragic stories of destruction and loss every day. 

Our county medical societies are not disaster response organizations, but we encourage our colleagues and friends to support organizations best suited to support direct relief. 

We all know that medications, supplies, and funding remain in short supply, and we encourage everyone who wants to help to support organizations that are already on the ground near the crisis. 

Maura E. Sammon, MD, an emergency medicine physician at Temple and Chief Medical Officer for Global Response Management (GRM) recently connected with us.  GRM has partnered with the World Health Organization (WHO) to support relief efforts in Poland and Ukraine. GRM has an official seat at the WHO Emergency Operations Center in Rzeszow, Poland. Any funds donated through this will be spent solely on WHO-sponsored activities in Poland and Ukraine. 

To learn more about GRC click here Global Response Ukraine. 
Kevin Sowti, MD, Chief of the hospitalist group at Chester County Hospital/Penn Medicine recently returned from a trip to provide food and medical supplies to Ukrainian immigrants in Poland and Romania.  Dr Sowti is active with the International Justice Mission, (IJM), an organization working to end slavery and human trafficking.

Dr. Sowti has set up a Go Fund Me page to help raise funds & provide food for Ukrainian refugees ….

Additional Resources

The staff of the Philadelphia County Medical Society continues to collate and post a resource list of organizations.  


World Central Kitchen 
 United Ukrainian American Relief Committee, Inc

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