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David E. Bobman, MD

President’s Message

by David E. Bobman, MD

President of the Chester County Medical Society

Winter is more than halfway through, the groundhog did not see his shadow and an early Spring is predicted. Despite the cold and dark of Winter, the Chester County Medical Society has not been hibernating.

There has been a lot to do, and we have had to divide into working committees to keep the ball rolling. An advocacy committee has been formed and is led by Dr. Christina VandePol. This committee will interact with our governmental policymakers with such topics as malpractice venue reform, physician reimbursements, etc. There are several important upcoming political races and her group will be arranging forums to allow us to assess their stances on issues relevant to the practice and delivery of health care.

A thorough review of the response to the Covid pandemic was undertaken by another committee chaired by Dr. Frank Speidel. Several observations were made and presentations have been underway, including at the Health Department. One issue which was mentioned included a relative paucity of input from our local physicians. Working with the Chester County Health Department has resulted in a closer future working relationship between us. We will also have a couple of our members participating with the Southeast Pennsylvania Health Care Coalition (SEPA), looking into future emergency preparedness. 

Additional committees are working on topics such as increasing membership, providing social activities for our members and their families, updating our bylaws, and increasing our social media presence, among others. I strongly encourage participation by any Chester County Medical Society members who are interested in any of these topics or who has other topics which they feel should be addressed. I would also encourage non-members to join the Chester County Medical Society and hopefully also participate in our endeavors.

David E. Bobman MD, FACP, AGAF
President, CCMS


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