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Chester County Medical Society Benefits

The Chester County Medical Society (CCMS) is affiliated with the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PaMedSoc).  Membership in the PaMedSoc includes membership to CCMS.  Both local CCMS services and PaMedSoc benefits are available to CCMS members.

CCMS membership is available to all Chester County physicians who either live or work in Chester County.  Membership is also available to residents, fellows, medical students, practice managers, and administrators.
Memberships for both CCMS and PaMedSoc are processed on the Pennsylvania Medical Society website.

CCMS leadership and staff are committed to addressing the issues confronting medicine today.  We need your support and participation to speak with one voice on behalf of all Chester County physicians and their patients.  Please join CCMS if you have not already done so.  It’s the only local, physician society for all physicians, all specialties, employed or independent whose only mission is to improve physicians’ work lives and advocate for them and their patients.

CCMS Member Benefits


  • Physician advocacy through developed relationships with locally elected officials and state representatives

  • Local, volunteer physician board of directors focused on addressing and resolving physician issues and concerns

  • Physician member networking and social events

  • Educational forums for physicians and office staff

  • Discounted “Partners” program of selected services required for practice operations

  • Opportunity for Chester County physician input and participation in priority issues brought to the state legislators through the House of Delegates at PaMedSoc

  • Local Society leadership for the coordination of services between CCMS and PaMedSoc

  • Publication of the Society magazine publication, Chester County Medicine, a compilation of newsworthy stories across all medical disciplines and public interest, and an opportunity to express your views on a platform that reaches 35k with each publication.  Local artists are also highlighted in every issue.

  • Partnership with the Chester County Health Department to keep physicians’ input and patients’ health at the forefront of decision making

  • Comfort and satisfaction knowing that your local CCMS colleagues are working to keep physician needs, issues and concerns in front of legislators and the public

Pennsylvania Medical Society Member Benefits

  • Required CME and other online/in person courses and conferences at no cost to CCMS members

  • Physician Leadership programs

  • Member communications and resources

  • Advocacy and legal resources: 2023 Current legislative priorities include: time lag in the physician credentialing process, noncompete clauses, telemedicine statuary framework, and scope of practice

  • Discounted physician employment contract reviews 

  • Access to health care laws and regulations

  • Access to medical licensure FAQ’s

  • Regional networking and contacts 

  • Healthcare operations team available to members and practice management conferences 2x/year

  •  Peer Sections: Early career physicians, Women physicians, International medicine graduates, Residents & Fellows, Medical students

  • Connections with key organizations (eg. State boards, Department of Health, Insurance Payers, etc.)

  • For frontline groups (100% membership): monthly webinars, Career Center, free job searches and discounted job postings, insurance savings, and Deposition Magic discounts. 

  • Strong collaboration with the American Medical Association

To join, please follow the links below to the Pennsylvania Medical Society Website and choose CHESTER COUNTY as your preference. If you have any questions, please contact us today.

For additional information regarding these or additional benefits, please visit the PaMedSoc website:
PAMED - Home page | PAMED (


Join The Chester County Medical Society Today!

Lynne Stilley
Executive Director



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