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Generative AI Webinar

Leveraging Generative AI* To Streamline Your Practice

*also known as ChatGPT, LLMs (large language models), Bing, Claude, or one of many other tools

Join us to share, learn, and discuss your own experience with these tools and how they integrate into your process and workflow.

How can they can help you provide better care for your patients by freeing up time and making some of the workflow, non-caregiving time less burdensome.  

Beginners, experienced, and the curious are all welcome

September 13, 2023


 7 – 8 p.m. EST

Invitations will be emailed to you.

Donna Murdoch, Ed.D.
Associate Professor of Adult Learning, 
Innovation, & Emerging Technologies
Columbia University Teachers College
Global Consultant and Advisor, Relevancy Works

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